The origins of Kevin Follet, multi-instrumentalist and experimental electronic artist, have their roots in the Verona (ITA) area. The seed was planted back in 1992 with the first experiences in the electronic music world but its path has been the most varied and complex:

Live at Drummond Key 2015

DJ at first, then producer, drummer, keyboard player, sound designer and only recently also “builder” of electroacoustic instruments.
His music can be defined as “crepuscular”, the dark and obscure tones are predominant in his compositions, with connotations between the delicate, the abrasive and the infected.

Live at RILLS 2020

A fundamental characteristic of KF is the reluctance to restrictions, to be able to freely explore the sound panoramas without any preconception or direction of any sort is fundamental for him. His compositional approach is in fact visceral, at times mystical and archaic, not influenced by aesthetic canons and predefined goals. The unknown has always had a strong influence on his music as well as all that is unusual and out of the ordinary.

The immense curiosity, the scientific imprinting and the transversality of his knowledge, allowed him to generate a wide range of sound experiences, below a list of the fundamental stages of the artistic path of KF:

In 1997 he released his first self-produced album titled “Harvest People”, following a long series of productions including EDM, IDM, breaks, ambient and pure experimentation. From 2003 he started a live Trip Hop project “Bristol Style” with his singer friend Iris FreeForm and under the supervision of DJ Afghan, titled “Dark Inc”. 

Dark Inc.

In 2008 he decided to collaborate with his drummer friend ElectroJJ in the EDM live project “Toxic Music”.

Since 2010, together with DJ T, Marco Novalis, ElectroJJ, djzood and Davide Zambelli, he has conducted his own independent label called “Drummond Records”.

Drummond Records

Also in 2010 he accepted to play drums in a Ramones tribute band called “Cavrones”.

In 2011 he prints his first vinyl “Letter A” for the Drummond Records label.

From 2014 he takes part, as a keyboard player / rumorist, to a Post Metal project called “WOWS”.

Wows Band

In 2015 he actively participated in the organization of the “Drummond Gate Festival”, a review curated by the Drummond Records label.

In 2016 he made his first electroacoustic instrument called “The Thing”, to follow others like “Springophone”, “SpringBox” and “StringBox”.

In 2017 he signs with the German label Blue Tunes Chillout for the release of two releases “Just A Scratch On The Surface” and “Viscera”.

In 2018 he developed three different A/V Shows: “Viscera”, Sleep Disorder” and “Dark Inc.”

Viscera A/V Show

In 2019 he released the single “Aematique” for the compilation “Sociopathy” published on Blue Tunes Chillout, the remix of “DVNA – The Moon Valley” on the label Drummond Records and another single “Overload” for the compilation “Overreaction vol.3 ”on Dilated Pupils Records.

In 2020, a particularly nefarious year worldwide due to the Covid-19 pandemic , he published in order: the single “Nautilus” in free download on his Bandcamp, with the band “WOWS – Ver Sacrum” for the labels Coypu / Hellbones / Dio labels Drone / Shove Records, the single “Ripper’s Song” for the beneficial compilation “PNEUMONIA” on Blush Recordings, his collection of the 46 best singles published from 2002 to 2006 “Ape On Synthesis” in free download on his Bandcamp, the live performance “Secret Drone Session” accompanied by Golden Heir Sun, Naresh Ran and Groundlicker, edited on cassette for the labels Produzioni Rumorose / Dio Drone / Rodenfaust, the EP “Outlander” and the Single “Desperate Consciusness” both for X-Tapes Recordings, and last but not least the track “Belly Dance” for the charity compilation “FACE The BEAT vol.6” released by Sideline Magazine (BE).

From the middle 2021 Kevin decided to release a single per month till december, date of release of his next album “Binary Kingdom”, actually “Table Tennis Odissey” with Frenquency (NL) Remix , “Keep It Rollin'” , “Collapsing Castle” feat. Squid To Squeeze (ITA), the collaboration with the sitar player Sitarvala in the EP “Lost In Sci-Fi”, “Voodoo” feat. Sicarius Hahni (ITA), “Love Is For The Living” and “Ancestors” feat. the violinist Laura Masotto are the singles already on the waves… Last but not least the album “BINARY KINGDOM” with also the new featurings by Alfa Neu, Osvil D and Telegalaxxxy.

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