RU – CAPA featuring Kevin Follet

Released by OAKHI Records (UK) 2022


Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021


The long awaited day has finally arrived: BINARY KINGDOM (Drummond Records), the new album by KEVIN FOLLET is available from today on all digital distribution platforms.
A record marked by an unusual path as unusual is the release date: Christmas Eve. Path dictated by the desire of the producer to present the new work one single at a time.
In fact, the album’s release was preceded by the singles Table Tennis Odissey, Keep It Rollin ‘, Collapsing Castle, Voodoo, Love Is For The Living and Ancestors.
There are really many collaborations that have seen numerous other prominent figures among the most varied musical genres participate in this work.
The following took part in the creation of the work: Laura Masotto, Alfa Neu, Osvil D, Dj Fazo, Squid To Squeeze, Telegalaxxxy, Sicarius Hahni.”

Ancestors feat. Laura Masotto

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

Live at HERTZ TV


Love Is For The Living w/ DVNA Remix

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

Voodoo feat. Sicarius Hahni

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

Sitarvala & Kevin Follet

Lost in Sci-Fi

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

Collapsing Castle feat. Squid To Squeeze

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

Keep It Rollin’

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

Table Tennis Odissey

with Frenquency Remix

Released by Drummond DSP (ITA) 2021

KF’s roaming sound has no boundaries within which it can be confined in any way.

Once again, KF’s production is an anachronistic journey which takes the listener towards a unique Universe, a parallel one, where space and time exchange roles leading the 5 senses to synergically collaborate in order to comprehend, or more simply to let themselves been carried away in this sonic maze.

What KF offers are soundtracks which slide on different soundscapes each time in a consistent metamorphosis that even Kafka would have a hard time to describe.

Buckle up and have a safe trip!

Belly Dance (Original Mix)

part of V.A. – FACE THE BEAT vol.6

released by Side-Line Magazine (BE) 2020

Desperate Consciusness

X-Tapes (ITA) 2020

Desperate Consciusness remarks the Kevin Follet’s visceral approach to composition and exploration, out of trend as usual, surely a product intended for those looking for something different.

Generated with a modular system and recorded in a live session without any multi-track edits.

Outlander EP

X-Tapes (ITA) 2020

Outlander is a release that maintains the concept linked to the previous releases, that is compositional viscerality and sound exploration, detached from current fashions and aesthetic canons, the result is unpredictable, a feature that Kevin Follet has made his flag in recent decades.


by Golden Heir Sun, Kevin Follet, Naresh Ran, Groundlicker

Produzioni Rumorose / Rodenfaust / Dio Drone Records (ITA) 2020

Secret Drone Session is a live recording of a one hour impro session with small audience at Produzioni Rumorose, performed by Golden Heir Sun, Groundlicker, Kevin Follet, Nàresh Ran. We only used drones, noises and weird sounds to get through it. Nothing was scripted or prepared, no rehersals were made, this was the only time ever that the four of us played together. It was a meditative and trascendent experience, the feeling of unity among the four musicians and the audience was overwhelming. Hope you enjoy this as much as we did.

APE ON SYNTHESIS | Singles 2002 – 2006


KF (ITA) 2020

AOS is a collection of my 46 best singles published in physical copy, between 2002 and 2006, for my old and buried label E.S.P.E.R. Records, currently SOLD OUT and not available in digital format, will consist in 4 releases which I will publish every 2 weeks on my Band Camp in FREE DOWNLOAD. 
This work tells a path, my path in the maze of EDM, Techno, Tech-House and Breaks, placing a starting point and showing the gradual growth in artistic and technical terms. 
The title is, as usual, evocative, a monkey at the synthesis clearly highlights the few means I had available and my poor technical knowledge in terms of mixing, hardware, software and composition of the time, BUT without detracting from the feeling that every single song came out. 
I am convinced that it will be an Amarcord for my longtime supporters and a pleasant discovery for the more recent ones.

“Bucefalo” Official Videoclip

Directed by The Sick Oscillator Boy

Ripper’s Song (Original Mix)

part of V.A. – PNEUMONIA

Released by Blush Recordings (ITA) 2020

WOWS – Ver Sacrum

Released by DIO DRONE / COYPU / SHOVE / HELLBONES Records (ITA) 2020

Nautilus (Original Mix)


Overload (Original Mix)



Released by Dilated Pupils Records (ITA) 2019

DVNA – The Moon Valley (Kevin Follet_Sviscera Rework)

Part of “DVNA – The Moon Valley EP”

Released by Drummond Records (ITA) 2019

Aematique (Original Mix)

part of ” V.A. – Sociopathy “

Compiled by Voice of All

Released by Blue Tunes Chillout (DE) 2019

“Bad Day Beginning” Official Videoclip

Directed by The Sick Oscillator Boy


Blue Tunes Chillout (DE) / Epictronic (ITA) 2019

Viscera Vinyl 12” 140g

With the album “Viscera“ (addendum to Just a Scratch on the Surface EP) Kevin Follet wanted to make a big turn on the artistic and songwriting level compared to all the previous publications. This is an eclectic and unpredictable work, composed and written with feeling without stakes or genre restrictions. “Viscera” is the result of the deepest and most hidden states of mind. Without a doubt the most instinct driven and inner work produced so far.


Just A Scratch On The Surface EP

Blue Tunes Chillout Records (DE) / Epictronic (ITA) 2018

Just A Scratch On The Surface 12″ 180gr




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